Marxian Debates on the Falling Rate of Profit – a primer

This introductory paper examine the discussion among Marxists about the rate of profit. It employs the method of symptomatic reading – attempting to present what the protagonists are really trying to say – and in this way differs from the adversarial method that has become standard.

Culture, Creativity and Innovation in the Internet Age

Analyses the distinct economic roles of culture, creation, and innovation in the Creative Industries by assessing the fitness for purpose of their statistical definitions.On this basis it proposes a method for studying the relation between creative labour and innovation. Lax usage has made the term ‘Creative Industries’ a synonym for three distinct things: creativity, culture …

London: A Cultural Audit

The report benchmarks London’s cultural offer against four other world cities: Paris, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai and is the first comprehensive such undertaking compiled according to international standards. It was the progenitor of the full-fledged World Cities Cultural Forum which now benchmarks 42 world cities and has held an annual forum engaging their cultural …

A Dynamic Mapping of the UK’s Creative Industries

This landmark paper set out the case for a rigorous classification of creative industries and occupations that became the basis for the creative industry statistics of the UK’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), which has since become a world standard. It resulted from a collaboration between Hasan Bakhshi of the UK think tank …

Schumpeter’s “Business Cycles” Revisited

In the summer of 2015 I delivered this paper, written by my father Chris Freeman, at the University della Tuscia, where I was working at the time. The University had invited Chris to deliver a memorial lecture on Schumpeter. He spent a lot of time writing it, but was beginning to experience problems with blood …

Developmental and Cultural Nationalisms

Premature announcements of the eclipse of nation states under ‘globalization’ and ’empire’ stand exposed as the 21st century’s first economic crisis underlines their continuing importance. Book: See Also:

How the West was Lost

Alan Freeman’s acceptance speech, given to the World Association for Political Economy (WAPE) in response to its Marxian Economics Award, July 2018. It deals with the relation required between Chinese and Western Marxist economists, in the light of China’s economic success, the prolonged stagnation of the industrialised economies, and the persistence of a high level …

The Creation of Value by Living Labour

This two-volume book, by Cheng Enfu, Wang Guijin and Zhu Kui, translated by Sun Yexia and edited with introductions by Alan Freeman, is an indispensible read for those who wish to understand China’s economic miracle and the thinking behind it. Volume 1 on Mental labour and China’s economy: Volume 2 on Marx’s theory of living …

The absent geopolitics of Pure Capitalism

The first Marxist theories of capitalist geopolitics emerged in the early 20th century as theories of imperialism and uneven and combined development. They were also the first theories of capitalist geopolitics. Find the article here